Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday, April 6, 2008

sean hannity's nightmare (aka easter sunday at the DP)

busting out the sunday finest
deep v's
hunky jesuses
drag queens
the king
hula hooping strippers
toxic bunnies
hot cross buns

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

DP soundtrack - a musical interlude

fashion/murder - lazarus
suffer for fashion - of montreal

the dress looks nice on you - sufjan stevens

you wear their masks - jesu

fashion - the lovemakers

we should be taking our clothes off - the lovemakers

vengence and fashion - electric six

design - fiction company

dressing up - the cure

the emperor's new clothes - sinead o'connor

dressed in black - the gossip

dress - pj harvey

feel free to add to this list

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

columbian necktie

tall bike alert!
marching band alert!

man-with-ponytail alert!

I wish I had captured it in the photo, but this guy had purple elbow pads that matched his messenger bag perfectly. To enhance h
is fashion choices, Barney & Friends pitched a tent in the DP. My friend and I theorized why this tent was pitched. Top 3 theories:
  1. Place to change out of elbow pads.
  2. Sex tent.
  3. Coke tent.

Trashy, Trashy Sorter King of the Wild DP.

Picked single handed through the grass and th
e asphalt,
Till the hipsters was whipped and peace was restored
And while he was handling this risky chore,

Made himself a l
egend, forevermore.
Trashy, Trashy Sor
ter King of the Wild DP...

It's 2 in the afternoon on a sunny Sunday and you're going to visit with your friends in the park. Hmmm. What to wear? What to wear? Necktie - check. Vest - check. Fedora - check.

You know Trashy Sorter wants to cut them.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Deep Vs

Since we've had a series of lovely warm days in San Francisco and it seems summer is fast approaching, my friends and I spent the day in Dolores Park (DP). Our time there inspired "Dolores Park Couture," which I hope you will enjoy.

We've often commented on the getups people sport just to spend some time drinking cheap beer on a beach towel over grass that has been urinated upon frequently, but today the fashion at DP reached a new level of ridiculousness. I've decided this ridiculousness must be documented so I will spending some time each week writing about the outfits I see and snapping candid photos of the worst offenders.

If you live in San Francisco, you likely know that the ubiquitous DP ensemble is skin-tight jeans (potentially acid-washed), unkempt hair, a $26 cotton deep v-neck t-shirt from American Apparel, and (coincidentally?) a track bike with deep v rims. Folks sporting this look are a dime-a-dozen, but a few of them deserve special attention (if only I had my camera with me today! *sigh*):
  1. The guy who modified the uniform by adding a fish tank, which he wore over his head.
  2. The myriad dudes who modified the look with thin leather headbands.
  3. The dreadlocked guy wearing a leather patchwork vest with no shirt.
  4. The girl (who was with guys in the DP uniform) walking her bicycle in gray heels, a turquoise swimsuit, and a red skirt that was so short i heard one guy say, "it left nothing to the imagination."
  5. The Amy Winehouse look-alike who was wearing one red ballet flat and one white ballet flat and seemed to be limping due to the fact that the ballet flats were different models.
  6. The general addition of the keffiyeh.